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Expo Hospital has become a must for all the sector stakeholders, whose goal is to learn from first-hand of the latest advances in health technology for the growth of their sector locally. Interacting face to face with nearly 4,000 attendees is sure to strengthen and establishing new contacts with potential buyers and distributors in search of new products and services. At a national level, Expo Hospital is the gathering point for Health field professionals of strategic positions and senior executives of public and private health facilities. In its 2016 version, 240 professionals including medical board, executives, head area managers, among others, officially formed 34 Health Delegations from Hospitals, Clinics, Health Services and Medical Centers throughout the country, which visited the exhibition and attended the Activities Program. Health Sector Executives and Professionals and Executives of the senior and influential positions on investments and relevant purchasing in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, “Mutual” or occupational accidental services and medical centers. Hospitals and Clinic Directors, General Managers, Commercial and Medical Directors and Senior Administratives for Health Institutions, Heads of Services and Departments Specialists in Intensive Care and Critical Care, Professionals in the field of Emergencies, Rescue and Response, Traumatology, Surgery, Laboratory , Orthopedics, Radiology, Nursing Professionals, Pre-hospital Care and Home Care, Kinesiology, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Professionals in Bioengineering, Telemedicine and Biomedical Engineering, Systems and Computer Engineers, University Directors and Academics, Educational Centers and Specialist Teachers in Intensive Medicine and Critical Care, Students of all the Medical and Health Disciplines of the main Universities and Professional Technical Institutes.